Exercise & Physical Activity

Everybody needs to be physically active so that the body can work optimally.  A famous Chinese saying states that poor blood circulation can lead to physical pain.  Therefore, finding a form of activity that you enjoy doing everyday would be vital for your health.  We have included some quick tips in the PDF files, and some healthy tips through other sources to offer effective guidance.

Exercise Physical Activity

"Poor blood circulation can lead to physical pain." - Chinese Proverb

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states." – Carol Welch

All About Exercise (English中文)
Calories Burned by 30-minute Activities
Building Physical Activity into Your Life

People of all ages can benefit from physical exercise. Please click on the following links for specific advice and examples for physical activities:

Strength Building Exercise of Elder
Exercise to Improve Flexibility for Elder
Physical Activity Planner
Tips to Get More Active
How to Get the Family to Be More Active
Tips for People with Physical Disabilities
Videos for Weight Bearing Exercises
Do's and Don'ts for Physical Activities
Physical Activity Log

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